TekNational, Inc.
Tek-Sil® GP9XH Series
If you need a gap filler with higher thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance, Tek-Sil® GP9XH is rated at a higher 13 watt/mk compared to 1.5 watt/mk for the standard "GP" material.  GP9XH is available with one hardened surface to ease handling of the material.  Release liner is supplied on one side.  This material is presently available in 7 thicknesses. 
GP9XH SeriesUnitGP9XH-10GP9XH-20GP9XH-40GP9XH-60GP9XH-79GP9XH-98GP9XH-118
Thicknessmm0.3 +/-0.060.5 +/-0.11.0 +/-0.151.5 +/-0.22.0 +/-0.32.5 +/-0.33.0 +/-0.3
Thermal Resistance°Cin²/W0.60.8
ColorvisualLight Gray
Thermal Conductivitywatt/m-k13
Volume ResistivityMohm·m1.0 x 1011
Withstand VoltagekV/mm·AC15
Specific Gravitygr/cm³3.3
HardnessShore OO75
50% sustain after 1 min660861
Continuous Use°C-40° to +150°
Flame RetardanceUL 94VV-0